Outdoor apparel design group is expanding its portfolio of outdoor apparel designs

AUSTRALIAN apparel designers are set to expand their portfolio of designs, with the outdoor apparel group planning to add a range of outdoor accessories to its existing collections.

The group will be releasing new designs to expand its existing collection of outdoor products.AUSTRALIA clothing design group executive director Matt Hodge said the group was adding a range, including jackets, hoodies, boots and outerwear, and was also working on new designs for outdoor accessories.

“We’re looking to expand our portfolio, so we’re looking at a range and we’re definitely looking at jackets, some hoodies and some boots,” Mr Hodge told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“And we’re also looking at accessories, and so that’s going to be an area of expansion.”

I think the range will be very well suited to the current climate and also to the outdoor environment.

“Mr Hodge did not specify the names of the new products.”

It’s a lot of fun to do something new, and to add something new to our portfolio is really exciting,” he said.”

In terms of our existing portfolio, it’s really fun to add new items to our collection.

“So that’s really exciting.”AUSTRIA fashion group executive editor Lorna Williams said the outdoor accessory market was one of the largest in the world.

“With our range, we have a variety of products, and we’ve got some really interesting products, so it’s exciting to have an opportunity to create and promote something new,” Ms Williams said.

The Australian Outdoor Clothing Association (AOCA) is the country’s largest outdoor apparel manufacturer and is the largest outdoor footwear manufacturer in the country.

The AOCA also produces and markets its own range of clothing and accessories, including hoodies.

The organisation is in the process of developing a range for the Australian market.

“There’s a range we’re working on that will be more suited to warmer climates, but it’s definitely going to add to our range,” Ms Hodge explained.

The Outdoor Clothing Group is also working with a range supplier, ASOS Australia, to make its own outdoor accessories for women.

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