How to wear your clothes better online – and to stay warm

You can now wear your clothing more comfortably online, thanks to a new wearable device.

The new device called the Worn3 is a smart watch with a built-in thermostat.

It uses a battery to keep your device cool and it can monitor temperature readings, which can be sent to a mobile app for more accurate wear and tear.

The wearable is currently in beta testing, so it’s unclear how well it will work, but it is one of the first smartwatches with the ability to keep you warm.

The device is currently priced at $349 (£219) but it will be available to buy on the Woven 3 website later this month.

Wearable technology Woven3 is the first wearable to offer this kind of temperature monitoring.

There is a built in thermostatic feature, so you can monitor your temperature using a smartphone, tablet or other device.

There’s also a “cooling” feature that can be activated by turning the screen on and off.

You can even set the temperature to your liking.

A battery also provides energy to help cool your device.

You’ll need a device with a smartphone or tablet, and Woven can connect to a computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You don’t need to have a Wi-fi connection at all to use the Wored3.

It can be worn on the wrist, and you can also use it with a watch, which is more convenient if you don’t have one nearby.

It’s also compatible with the Apple Watch, Google Fit and other wearable devices.

The Worn 3 is made by Woven, which was founded by former Google employee and wearable expert Michael Schmitt.

He is also the CEO of a new company called WovenLab, which uses artificial intelligence to build smartwares.

The company has already released two wearable products that use artificial intelligence, and the Wowed3 is only the third wearable to incorporate the technology.

One is the Washed4 smartwatch, which allows users to check their weight and heart rate with a single touch.

It also includes sensors that monitor your mood.

There are also fitness apps, such as the Fitbit Blaze and the Apple Run, that can help you stay active and help you get fit.

The second is the Fitplus smartwatch that was unveiled last year, which works similar to a Fitbit Flex, but with a more connected device.

It allows you to track your fitness and help manage your calories.

This could be a useful feature for anyone looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

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