The New iPhone 8 Plus design includes a lot of design elements that aren’t familiar to Apple users

Recode’s Michael Pachter reports on a few design elements in the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and they don’t look exactly like the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

The iPhone 8 is a pretty small phone with a relatively large screen.

It’s a smaller phone than the iPhone 8s and 8s Plus, which are bigger than the new iPhones.

The iPhone 8 also has a slightly smaller bezel, which is nice for viewing videos.

The new iPhone has a few more buttons and a little more space to make it easier to press.

The first design element we saw on the iPhone 9 was the home button.

We’re told that the home screen will be more compact and easier to access than the rest of the phone.

Pachters reports that it’s not the only design element in the home bar that’s a little different from the rest.

Instead of the traditional Home button, we’ll see the familiar “Hey Siri” gesture on the left of the screen.

We’ll also see a notification bar on the right side of the iPhone, which looks like it might be able to respond to a notification from the lock screen or the lock camera.

On the bottom of the home, we have a little icon that looks like an “I” on a circle with three dots on either side.

This icon is the home indicator.

It will have a light gray background color and a small icon on the bottom.

On top of the Home button we have two smaller icons, one with a circle on the top, and one with an “X” at the bottom with three circles around the edges.

On the bottom, we also see the “Hey Cortana” notification that comes with every iPhone 8, and it looks a little less familiar than the Home indicator.

On a side note, Pachtes says the new design has “a lot of familiar design elements.”

They include a home button, a notification light, and the notification bar.

That’s all pretty familiar.

What are some other design elements you’d expect to see in a new iPhone design?

Pachts says the home and notification icons are familiar.

There’s a “Hey” icon in the upper right corner, a little “Cortana” icon on top of that, and a “OK” button in the bottom right corner.

Pechters also says the notification lights and notification bar are familiar too.

What’s Apple doing to improve the design on the new models?

Apple has been tweaking the design of the iPhones for years now, but the company has been moving away from using plastic for the home buttons and other design aspects of the phones.

Pachets says Apple is doing the same thing with the iPhone.

Panchter says Apple’s “new” design includes “a big change” in how the home is laid out on the back of the new phones.

We don’t know what that means yet, but it might mean that the new Home button has been moved to the top.

The notification bar is a new design element on the upper left corner.

The bottom of each notification has an “OK.”

It’s the same as the previous design elements.

Pachters also notes that the design for the lockscreen is also more familiar than before.

Apple is still using a circular icon for the lock logo, but Pacht says the lock icon is now an “L.”

Panchters says Apple has moved the “L” to the left on the locks screen.

What about other features in the iPhone designs?

Panchts says he believes the home app will be updated to support iPhone X, as well.

The Home app will also be getting a refresh, which Pachs says will include a new look.

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