How to Create Your Own Auburn Uniform Design

Auburn is in a league of its own when it comes to the new uniforms that Auburn fans have been clamoring for since its 2012 inception.

They’re often called “the new gold” for their “black” hue and the Auburn uniforms are arguably the most visually appealing on the team.

But as the Tigers prepare for a big game against Arkansas on Saturday, the team is looking to put the new look to good use.

In an interview with The Sport Book, head coach Matt Lubick said that the team wants to bring the brand back to life in a “better, more versatile and innovative way.”

“The team is really excited about bringing the brand into the SEC this season,” Lubick told The Sport.

“It will be a huge part of the game plan this weekend and it will be exciting to see the team play their best football in some of the best venues in the nation.”

As a reminder, Auburn’s uniforms have become the go-to look for many fans who are seeking the latest, most stylish look in their alma mater.

The new uniforms, which have been designed by Auburn Design and produced by American Eagle Outfitters, will feature a number of subtle alterations to the original Auburn jerseys, including a black helmet design and a blue and white color scheme.

A number of the uniforms will also feature an updated logo, which will also be featured in the uniforms for the first time in years.

The team will also unveil a new mascot mascot, which Lubick referred to as “a real beast” for the new design.

The Auburn players, coaches and staff are already planning on wearing the new designs for Saturday’s game, and the team also plans on making use of some of their new gear.

Auburn players will wear the new Auburn uniforms during warm-ups on Friday and will wear them for the game against South Carolina.

The team also will wear new Auburn helmets on Saturday.

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