What do you think of Adidas’ new ad campaign?

By Steve Zielinski | 02/14/2018 12:04:25Adidas has unveiled a new campaign called “You Are Not Your Body,” featuring fashion designer and model Lauren Murphy.

The ad is available to watch in the U.S. on the company’s new YouTube channel, “The Real Lauren.”

Murphy is featured in the video wearing a black “Blackout” T-shirt, and a pair of “Blackouts” shoes, which feature a black stripe on the bottom.

The campaign will also feature a series of “We’re Different” photos that feature fashionistas who wear different types of clothing.

“You are not your body,” Murphy says in the ad.

“No matter what color your clothes are, how much you exercise, or how much time you spend in the gym, you are not a part of your body.

You are NOT your body, and you should not let others define what you look like.”

Murph also says in her video that “I’m not your weight, you’re not your shape, you don’t deserve to be,” and “I don’t belong in your body.”

“This ad is a direct response to the recent debate surrounding the ‘body image’ movement,” said Matt Wohlt, head of ad agency Ogilvy & Marsh’s fashion division, in a statement.

“It shows that the body is not a thing of the past.

It’s our responsibility to educate people that this body is an amazing thing to look at and be proud of.”

The campaign, which will run for 10 days, is a response to a backlash in the fashion world in recent years against what many have termed a ‘fatphobic’ body image.

The movement began in the ’90s, and became a focal point for women of color and others who believed that the focus of the fashion industry should be on empowering women.

“The real body is something that we have to look into, not a commodity,” Murphy said in the new ad.

“The ad is about empowering women who have lost their bodies and reclaiming their beauty,” said Adriana Hitt, an agency director with Ogilvys clothing division, who was not involved in the design of the campaign.

“We wanted to capture the power of this message and the power women have to make a change.

We wanted to give fashionistas a platform to share their story and to make change.””

It is a very powerful message to see that the majority of fashionistas and fashionistas of color feel like their bodies are not important,” said Hitt.

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