When it comes to fashion design programs: Is it more important to be a designer or a maker?

When it came to fashion programs at colleges, the number one thing that people were looking for was an internship or a career in design, according to a survey by the American Fashion Design Association (AFDAs) on behalf of the American Academy of Fashion Designers (AAFDAS).

But in terms of the actual design jobs available, they are very different, according a report published in the August issue of The New York Times.

In fact, according the AAFDas, only about 2 percent of the people who applied for design programs at the most prestigious U.S. universities went into design and the rest were simply in the field of fashion design.

According to the report, the top-ranked programs were found to be at universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

The report also found that the number of people who went into fashion design was growing at a rapid rate, with more than 100,000 people graduating in the past five years from these institutions.

According the Aafdas report, there is a perception among designers that it’s easier to get into fashion programs than design, but that may be changing.

“In some cases, it is easier to find work in design and in the arts,” said Aafda chairwoman Janine Meeusen.

“It’s more complicated for people to get in and get out of design.”

So, if you want to be an aspiring designer, there are a few things you need to know.

The first thing is that you need a lot of money to pay for your school education, and that can be difficult.

The second thing is to be very selective about the program you choose, especially in the fashion world.

In a sense, there’s no need to go into fashion if you don’t care about the design profession, Meeesen said.

So, while the AFADAs study is an interesting insight, it’s important to remember that it is not a definitive indicator of what kinds of opportunities are out there.

“We are still not there yet in terms, for example, of getting the right type of designers into the fashion industry, Maeusen said, adding that she was disappointed to see that there was so little information about the top programs and how they compare to other programs.

Meeausen added that her group is working to expand its knowledge of the types of designers who might apply to various schools, and to look at what other universities have to offer.

In terms of specific trends, the AAFTADas study found that students are increasingly turning to designers to design products, as they do not necessarily need to be designers in order to have a career as a designer.

For example, Mays, a student at the University the Netherlands, was a designer for nearly a decade before she was able to find a job in the industry.

Mays was one of only five students in the study who did not take the design certification exam in order for her to get a job with a fashion brand.”

Designers are more than just designers.

I think it’s good that students, even in a design program, have that freedom to pursue their passions.””

Designers can do incredible things, but they also have to be passionate about the art of designing.

I think it’s good that students, even in a design program, have that freedom to pursue their passions.”

The other thing to consider is that there are also very talented designers working in the business world.

For Meeees, one of the top designers at a high-end fashion brand, was not a designer in the traditional sense.

Rather, she was a design assistant at the brand.

“I would say it’s more a business than a design.

The design is about the person, not the brand,” Meea said.

The student, however, is happy with her decision, saying that her career in the company is much better than it was as a student.

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