How to wear your favourite brands from top designers to fashion icons

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry, and many brands are well known for their distinctive design.

But what if you could find the perfect pair of clothes without having to hunt around for a label?

This infographic is a quick and easy guide to choosing the best brand of your own.

From the latest in streetwear to premium leather, here’s what you need to know about choosing the right brand for you.1.

Choose your brand wisely1.

The first step to making the best decision is to select your brand, says Sarah Garlow, founder of Fashion Spot.

This will be crucial when it comes to choosing a pair of jeans, for example.

“We often look at brands that we’re really familiar with, and then we look at other brands that are similar,” she says.

“The brand that we like the most will come from that experience, so it will be a really good predictor of the type of brand we’ll end up choosing.”2.

The more brands you follow, the better you’ll find brands with similar style and aesthetic to yours.

“As a fashion designer, I like to look for brands that share my aesthetic,” says Garlows.

“I also like brands that I’m familiar with from other styles and have a similar style.

That’s what I’m looking for when I look at the brands that have the same logo and brand identity.”3.

Make sure you’re looking at the right brands for your styleA new brand will never look the same as another, says Garen Tannen, co-founder of the brand brandtastic.

“When it comes down to it, it’s all about creating a brand identity and a brand feel.

A brand identity is a visual representation of your style, which you’ll be using in the products you sell,” she explains.

“It’s also a feeling you’ll get when you’re buying from a brand, which is what we all want.”4.

Make the right purchasesYou need to make sure you buy the right products to match your style and style of life.

“Make sure you don’t just go and buy one product and then you’re done,” says Tann, adding that the perfect size, colour and pattern will always make a difference.5.

Get out there to shopWhen shopping, look for products that have been designed with a specific purpose in mind.

“If you’re shopping for a pair that has a particular function, then you can use it to make a statement that it’s a particular brand,” she recommends.

“Then when you see that on a different site, you can look at that as another piece of branding that will help your brand stand out.”6.

Know your needsThe perfect style for your day and your wardrobe can be as different as you are.

“A lot of people think of jeans as a look for everyday, casual or formal occasions,” says Michelle McNeil, senior product manager at H&M.

“But a lot of times, a more casual wardrobe is more appropriate for everyday wear, whereas a more formal wardrobe is usually more appropriate if you’re in a more exclusive setting.”7.

Know what you likeWhat’s your favourite style, and what kind of people would you want to dress up with it?

“People are going to want to wear something that they look forward to wearing for a long time,” says McNeil.

“For me, it’d be a black-tie tie.

A high-waisted shirt with a skirt.

A blazer.

If I’m not in a casual setting, I’d wear a jacket with a pocket.

And I also love a belt that has pockets.

It really suits my personality.”8.

Get creativeWith fashion brands like H&M, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry, it can be challenging to find a colour palette that fits your style.

“They have very specific trends in their collections, and you need the right colour palette to complement your wardrobe,” says Margo Schubert, fashion design editor at Fashion Spot, who adds that choosing a colour that matches the brand identity, as well as the look of your outfit, will help you create your own look.

“With that in mind, I think it’s important to look at their palette, and make sure they have something in the range that will fit the style that you’re going for,” she adds.

“You might want something in a muted palette, like muted black, and a darker palette like an earthy palette.

A grey-brown might be more appropriate, so you can choose something that’s not too muted.”9.

Don’t forget to wear a hat and a shirtA good hat is one of the first things to go with any outfit.

“Wearing a hat is the first thing you should wear for the day, and when you do that, you’ll definitely be showing off,” says Schuber.

“So be sure to wear it

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