‘We’re going to make you uncomfortable’: Fashion designer says fashion designers should dress ‘with the opposite of modesty’

Fashion designer and former model Emma Steed is urging women to dress modestly, but not in ways that make them feel like they are being judged.

Steed, the fashion designer behind the fashion show “We Are Not What We Wear,” spoke at the Women of the Year 2016 conference in New York City this week to discuss the impact of gender-based dress codes and how to dress differently.

“I think the biggest issue with modesty in our culture right now is that it feels like you’re judging me, which is really a bit of a bummer because I am trying to do the opposite,” Steed said in the video below.

Steed spoke to the crowd at the event to explain her approach to dress that reflects the culture and values of the woman she is designing for. “

I don’t think you should be judged on your looks, and I think you can have amazing fashion sense, but you should look like you are having a conversation with someone.”

Steed spoke to the crowd at the event to explain her approach to dress that reflects the culture and values of the woman she is designing for.

She said she has always been very proud of her looks, especially her red dress.

“People would always say, ‘You’re not a model.

You’re a model, you dress like a model,'” she said.

“And I was like, ‘No, I’m not a modeling model, I don’t have to look like a modeling person to be a model.'”

When she first started designing for fashion, she said she was nervous because of the “social pressure” to look “perfect.”

But she said her confidence has grown since she started.

“It’s really cool,” she said, laughing.

“When I first started, I would be so nervous.

But now I feel so comfortable with who I am.

And I’ve seen so many women say, I can’t believe how beautiful I am, I feel like I’m a model.”

The conversation with Steed was streamed live on the website for Women of 2015, the first Women of Color awards in the history of the organization.

Women of color are making up the majority of Fashion Week’s 2017 awards, and the Fashion Week Women of Design winners this year are all designers of color.

Steeds is the first to make the cut in the past two years, according to the fashion website, which notes that the majority, but by no means all, of the 2016 winner were white.

The Women of Diversity Awards for Fashion Design also will take place on Saturday, June 22 at The Grove in Beverly Hills.

The event, sponsored by The Grove, is being co-sponsored by The New York Fashion Institute and New York Magazine.

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