When a designer wears clothes in the city, he’s not only a fashion icon, he may also be earning money

The designer who creates the garments worn by celebrities, the athletes who wear them and even politicians who wear their clothing may not be making a dime.

They are also not the only ones doing it.

The idea that a designer could be making money off of a fashion piece is a big idea for a lot of people, but a lot has been made about how it has changed the way fashion is made, the money earned and the brand itself.

In fact, many companies are now trying to make the designer a full partner in their brand, or at least an equity partner.

It means the designer is paid more than he or she is making from the product.

And in a way, it is a good thing, said Kishore Sharma, senior managing director at apparel design company Lotte.

“This has a lot to do with how you design your product, how it looks and how it’s constructed.

And we are all a part of the design process.”

Sharma said the company has seen an increase in demand from fashion designers who are looking for a way to earn more money.

“In the past, there was a lot that designers could do,” he said.

“Now, they are looking at other opportunities to make money.”

One company that is experimenting with the concept is Lotte, a fashion house owned by a Japanese conglomerate.

Last year, it began an initiative to help designers with the costs associated with their creations, a model that will be tested in India, he said, adding that it will be available for everyone in the country.

Lotte has also set up a fund for designers, with funds set up for up to 100 designers.

Sharma said that the money would help the designers develop their skills and develop a wider audience.

“We’re trying to educate designers, and get them involved in the brand,” he added.

The funds are meant to help the company to get designers out of their comfort zones and make a splash in a global market.

Lottes current initiative is a follow-up to the one the company launched in 2010.

Lotte’s founders are hoping to expand the effort to help other fashion brands too.

“There are many other brands in the fashion industry, and there is still a lot more to learn from them,” Sharma said.

Lottes efforts, he added, could be a great boost for fashion designers across the world.

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