Which brand should you buy next?

The fashion world is buzzing with excitement about the next big thing.

As a general rule, the more interesting trends are the ones that are coming from emerging markets.

We can see this in our favorite designers’ portfolios.

For example, this is what an emerging market designer, who is based in China, looks like on his Instagram account: This is one of the most interesting pieces we’ve seen recently, and it’s a black-and-white shirt, which is the kind of thing we associate with emerging markets like China.

We see this trend coming in fashion.

It’s an interesting trend that’s going to happen in fashion, especially in emerging markets where they are starting to become a global superpower.

There’s a lot of interest in emerging market designs, and we’re seeing a lot more of them.

I see this as a great time to look into emerging markets, because there are so many great designers out there.

So, which brand should I invest in next?

I’m a big fan of Zara, which I have seen in some of the photos below.

They’re a great fit for the fashion world, and they have a cool color palette.

I’m also a fan of Adidas, which has a nice range of colors and is also an emerging markets brand.

What about Urban Outfitters? 

I’m not a big advocate of the brand, but they’ve been working hard lately.

The brand is very much in the mainstream fashion world.

Its been really busy with their spring/summer collection, and its been one of my favorite items this year.

Urban Outfits has an interesting line of clothes, and the one I’m looking for is a dark-coloured shirt, and I’m hoping for something a bit lighter and more comfortable.

What brands do you like to invest in?

Which ones have the best potential for the next decade?

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