When I first started, I hated wearing my own clothes

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to parents who grew up in a rural area.

I grew up with no formal schooling, never attending school, and spending all of my free time riding my bike.

When I was 13 years old, my parents divorced and I was raised by my grandmother in an RV.

I loved riding my motorcycle, which meant that riding around my community was never an option.

In fact, riding my bicycle was never a regular part of my life.

I never had the money for a car, so I rode a little bicycle to work and school, riding around with my brother and sister.

My family didn’t really care about how I looked or how I acted.

When my father moved to an RV in the community, he had me train with a local, and my grandmother took me under her wing, teaching me to be more self-sufficient.

I was the youngest of four kids, and when my mom passed away from breast cancer, my mom took me in to see her.

I’ve since learned to cook, clean, and shop in the RV for free.

I have two older brothers, one of whom is a veterinarian, so we’re always working to support each other financially.

When I first arrived in the city, I was very shy and didn’t want to have my picture taken.

My parents were surprised when I showed up to the grocery store with my friends and they asked if I wanted a picture with them.

They didn’t think I was crazy for not wanting a picture and I really wasn’t.

I wanted to be a photographer, so that’s how I started making friends and hanging out.

It’s something I’ve been doing ever since.

I’m a designer, a fashion designer, and I’m always thinking of new ways to use my skills to create new products and ways to improve my own life.

The world is full of talented people who have different backgrounds, but I feel I have a very special talent for designing clothes and designing shoes.

I’m lucky enough to have a strong family and a supportive friends network that I’ve always felt comfortable in.

I love being a part of a community and I want to make sure my brand has a positive impact on people’s lives.

What’s your favorite aspect of fashion design?

How do you make clothes fit your style? 

When I was little, I wore my clothes all the time because they were a part, but at some point, I grew out of them.

I realized that I had to change and grow.

It’s been a long journey to become a designer.

I really enjoyed designing clothes as a child and even now, I’m not quite ready to quit.

But I think that if I could do it all over again, I’d do it in a very different way.

I feel like the best part of being a designer is the journey.

I don’t think there’s a better way to experience fashion design.

I would love to be able to wear my own shoes every day.

How do you balance work and travel? 

Travel is what I enjoy most about living abroad.

Being able to do things like travel is something that I can’t wait to try and do.

I just can’t get enough of it.

I think if I was going to work full-time, I would work remotely from home.

I always love spending time with my family and friends, so when I travel, it’s a real chance to see some of the places I’ve never been.

You’ve made a name for yourself as a designer in Canada, and you’ve got a long list of accolades.

What do you remember about your home country?

I’m grateful for all the people who’ve been so supportive and helped me get to where I am.

I know I’m still young, but it has been a real privilege for me to work with so many people from so many different backgrounds.

I also think that having such a diverse community makes it easier to get to know everyone.

I wish I had the time and space to really explore my home country.

Why do you love your work?

Why do I love fashion design, anyway?

I love working with people that are passionate about the products they create.

When they get together and make a product, they have a genuine passion for the product and what they’re making.

That’s what makes me want to work in the fashion industry.

I like to create something that makes people happy and that’s what I love about the world of fashion.

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