‘I am a mother’: Man, his wife and his dog discuss the emotional aftermath of his son’s death

The mother of a 10-year-old boy killed in an accident while driving with his father says the ordeal has left her heartbroken and the pain deep. 

Lauren Guevara says she has had to confront her son’s traumatic childhood as he struggled with the trauma of losing his son. 

“I am so grateful to have a son, but I am a human being. 

I am still grieving,” Guevaara said on Sunday.”

I know there is so much pain in the world but I cannot put into words the pain that my son went through. 

There are so many people who have lost someone. 

We cannot take it for granted.”

Guevaera’s son, Gabrielle, was killed on the road in August last year when he collided with a car that had broken down on the A1A between Camberwell and Southport. 

The family had been on holiday in Portugal, where the driver of the car that killed Gueviara’s son was also staying, but he was subsequently sentenced to two years’ probation for causing the death. 

Guevaya said she and her husband had planned to stay in the UK for the holidays but they had decided to fly to Portugal instead. 

She and her son were visiting a friend’s house when the accident happened. 

Her husband, a mechanic, died from the injuries he sustained. 

After the accident, Gabrielles family were devastated by the news and the grieving process that followed. 

They travelled to the UK and were flown to hospital by air ambulance. 

In the weeks after Gabrielle died, her parents and Gabrielle’s brother and step-father met with Gueevaara’s doctors to discuss the options. 

At the time, the family was still reeling from the news that Gabrielle had died in the crash. 

On Saturday, Gueavaara said her heart went out to her son.

“The pain and grief is overwhelming,” she said.

“My son was a good person. 

He was an intelligent, caring, happy and positive person.”

Guezaara said she was able to speak to her husband’s son through Skype on Monday. 

Gabrielle, who had been at school when he was killed, was the son of a retired teacher and had recently been promoted to a second grade teacher. 

His death left her and her family in a difficult state. 

“[Gabrielles death] has made me feel like I have no words to describe the pain of losing my son,” she added. 

 “My husband had just given his last exam, he was about to leave for work. 

Then he was in the car with me and I was in his car, driving down the A4. 

It was terrible. 

Our car was going up and down the road, all day and night, and I have never been more sad.” 

Guezara said that although her family had always been in contact with GUEVAARA’s family, she was now “overwhelmed” by the grief she was feeling.

“When I see the reaction of the police and other people, it makes me feel really, really sad,” she explained. 

Despite the emotional turmoil, Guezaaras decision to take Gabrielle to hospital and take him to Portugal was not an easy one. 

‘I can’t imagine anything else’Gueavaera said she felt she could not imagine a better outcome. 

When she spoke to Gabrielle she was told he had not received the first dose of the anti-convulsant medication, which had been ordered by the authorities in Portugal. 

But Gueivaara said the meds had not been administered properly and had not arrived on time. 

So she decided to try to contact GUEVARA’s sister-in-law in Portugal to try and reach her husband.

“It was a difficult call because she was on holiday,” Guezaras sister-lover, Ana Maria Rodrigues, said. 

“‘I can not imagine anything more. 

Please, please, please I can not live with this.’ 

I can only imagine how much pain they have been through.”‘

It was the right decision’Guezraera said the family had spoken to GUEVIARA’s doctors and doctors were “absolutely confident” Gabrielle would recover. 

According to Guezara, doctors in Portugal have been “completely supportive” of Guezera in her attempt to contact her brother-in, and she has been told that the family is “going to get him some time soon”. 

“It has been very difficult. 

For the first three or four days I was very scared,” Guesaara added.”

But I was able and I told the family I was not going to take them on holiday. 

Now I know that they will come back to visit me

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