Rejoice, the new apparel design agency of the future is here

The world’s biggest fashion house has teamed up with an online apparel company to create an online-only clothing design agency. 

The clothing company is called The Next World, and it will sell custom apparel designed by the agency.

It’s the latest twist in a world that’s been in a long-term downward spiral since the advent of digital platforms.

When The NextWorld was founded, it was called The Fashion Design Agency, which was a bit of a mouthful for the site.

The agency, which is backed by fashion designers, brands and apparel companies, was launched in 2016, but its focus on online marketing was not a priority.

After its IPO in 2018, the site went offline, leaving the fashion designers who worked on it without a clear path to a new future.

In May 2018, The Next World bought the domain name

Since then, the fashion agency has become a popular choice for designers and brands looking to build their online presence.

Its not just designers who are looking to get online and start a business online, too. 

Some of the fashion labels in the world are already taking advantage of the agency’s services.

A number of fashion labels, including Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Dolci, and H&M, have partnered with the agency to make their online campaigns easier to launch.

According to The Next Worlds website, the agency is currently developing more than 20 new brands. 

But the agency doesn’t offer any guarantees that its designers will get paid for their work. 

In fact, The Nextworld is offering only one benefit: a 50% discount on the agency, on top of the $2,000 they’re charging for the agency at the moment.

If you want to sign up for the fashion design agency today, you can click here to get your first account.

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