Adidas unveils new baby baby apparel designs

ADIDAS has launched a new line of baby apparel featuring the company’s signature black and white baby-friendly prints and patterns.

The new collection is based on Adidas’s new Baby Color Collection, a collection of more than 70 baby-focused apparel designs. 

The designs feature a range of new colors, from black to bright and bright orange to bright pink. 

Each new collection comes with a matching pair of matching shoes, the brand says.

The collection will also be available in black and brown and black and green. 

In a statement, Adidas said it is proud to introduce a new generation of baby-centric apparel and shoes.

“The latest Baby Color collection delivers a new level of baby care with the innovative design of the Adidas Baby Color Line.

The line features the most unique patterns and colors for an incredible combination of fun, care and comfort,” Adidas said.

The company says the collection is now available for pre-order, but that all proceeds from the sales will go to the Baby Color Foundation. “

The collection is available exclusively at Adidas stores across the U.S. and Canada and can be found online and in select Adidas Originals stores.”

The company says the collection is now available for pre-order, but that all proceeds from the sales will go to the Baby Color Foundation. 

While Adidas is known for its iconic sneakers, the new line has been a little less visible in the U-M campus than some other Adidas products.

The company has also been making some moves to make sure it’s not going to leave its campus for too long, such as announcing the return of the brand’s signature Black and White baby-specific shoes in spring 2019.

The new line will be available for purchase starting April 1 and will go on sale through April 24.

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