The American Conservatory of Art and Design is launching a new online store for its namesake colorado institution of arts and design

Colorado, Colorado — Colorado’s iconic and wildly successful art and design school, which has been in business since the early 1900s, has announced a new digital store.

The new online shop, Coloradopedia, will feature a wide array of merchandise, including t-shirts, posters, books, and more.

“We are excited to bring a fresh new approach to the museum and its collections, with a focus on original, contemporary work that showcases Colorado as a creative hub for the arts and culture of Colorado,” said Colorado Museum CEO John D. Henson.

“Our mission is to connect the dots of the art and culture that make Colorado such a unique destination for art lovers across the country.

Colorados unique character and diversity of art, architecture, design, and music has inspired countless artists and scholars and we want to celebrate this rich cultural history by bringing Coloradoscapes to life in a new and interactive way.”

Coloradops newest online store will feature the school’s famous “Cadillac” and “Colin” posters.

The “Col” is for Colorado State Historic Site, and the “C” stands for “Caleb,” a mascot for the school.

Both are of the color-coordinated “golden boy” color, with gold accents on the corners and sides.

In 2017, Colorados first and only “Colored” poster was released, featuring the first ever portrait of a member of the Colorado Native American community.

The poster’s creator, James “Jimmy” Taylor, is a retired Colorado State University professor, and was a major supporter of the school when it was founded.

“The art of Colorado has been at the forefront of Colorado’s history and culture since the 1890s,” said Henson, who is also president of Coloradotix, a nonprofit educational and cultural organization that seeks to foster an art and cultural community that embraces diversity and inclusivity.

“Coloradops uniqueness is a direct result of the many years of hard work and dedication that we’ve invested in its continued development.

We want Coloradocs legacy to be remembered and celebrated as an important part of Colorado.”

The online shop will feature more than a thousand pieces of art and more than 20,000 photos from Coloradosecades archives.

The online store is available for immediate purchase at, the museum’s official website.

Colorado is home to more than 150 museums, and, which was founded in 2011 to serve the museum, serves as a hub for information about the museum.

“This is a truly exciting time for Coloradobes history and its cultural legacy,” said Sarah Hensley, curator of the Colorado Museum of Art.

“While we continue to expand our collections, this is a major step forward in bringing these rich and diverse art collections to life.

Our goal is to make Coloradoland an accessible destination for all who visit Coloradopa, and we look forward to sharing new work that is inspired by Coloradodocs rich history.”

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