Fashion industry’s future lies in wearable technologies

Business and consumer electronics manufacturer Fashion Industry Association (FIA) today announced a partnership with the U.S. government to help create and market wearable technology that will help consumers meet the demands of the future.

In a press release, the association said the new wearable technology will help designers and brands improve customer experience and save time and money.

The new technology is part of an industry-wide effort called “Smart Connected,” and will help to create more reliable and cost-effective wearable devices that will meet consumer needs in a time of technological and economic change. 

The wearable technology developed by the association and the Department of Defense will help with the following: • Improving the way in which people interact with fashion and entertainment. 

• Ensuring the safety and security of fashion brands. 

· Increasing consumer awareness and purchasing. 

Technology will help the association create new designs and more accurate products, said the association’s chief executive, Jennifer McEwan. 

“We are committed to making sure our customers and the fashion industry have the best possible experiences, while also making sure we protect our heritage, brand and consumers from these changes,” she added.

The technology will be used by brands to create wearable devices to improve the quality of their fashion and showings, such as jewelry and accessories.

The association has partnered with Microsoft to develop a new smart connected wearable system.

The system, called the HoloLens, will help manufacturers create and sell products that are smarter and more secure for consumers, said McEwa. 

Microsoft is also partnering with fashion brands to help bring more smart devices to market. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, the group’s president, Kevin Tofel, said that wearable technology is a key ingredient to helping the industry meet the consumer demand for smart devices.

“We want the industry to have the smart connected smart device that will deliver the benefits of the connected home, like smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart locks, smart cameras and smart home automation,” he said.

“The smart connected device is also an essential part of helping consumers live more connected and feel more connected.”

McEwan said the alliance is in the process of developing a partnership agreement with Microsoft, as well as with fashion manufacturers, which will help make the wearable devices available to consumers.

“Smart connected devices are an essential component in our alliance,” she said. 

For more about the wearable industry, watch the video below:The announcement comes a day after the FTC announced a settlement with the technology company and other companies in the wearable market, including Apple and Google, in which it agreed to settle a complaint accusing them of making deceptive marketing claims about the benefits and safety of their devices. 

Fashion industry leaders are encouraged to join the FTC in reaching out to consumers and to support the industry as it seeks to build its new smart home technology. 

Read more about wearable technology and the industry from the FTC

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