The Timeless Designs Fashion Trends You Never See

Nidal’s latest collection for Fall 2017 is inspired by timeless patterns and timeless design.

The collection, which has been a popular and sought-after item in the store, features some of the company’s most iconic designs.

The first piece is the Dainty Flirt that features a plunging neckline, a floral-inspired backline and a plungling neckline.

The second piece, The Dainter and the Dancer, is a sheer, shimmery top with a cut-out neckline and long sleeves.

The third piece, the Nail, is designed for the bride’s style.

Each piece is designed to make you look and feel their best. 

The collection is available online and at select retailers, including Forever 21 and Bloomingdale’s. 

“We’re always looking to bring new, exciting and fun pieces to our customers, and this collection is no exception,” Nidal co-founder and creative director, Laura Loomis, said in a statement.

“This collection includes timeless designs that are the most popular in the industry and features some truly gorgeous designs that will make your look special.” 

The first three pieces are available online at Forever 21, which will sell them for $129.99 for men and $99.99 each for women. 

Nidal’s collection of timeless designs is also available at Bloomingdale�s, at Target and at Urban Outfitters. 

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