“My favorite app, but it doesn’t support the feature”

App developers are scrambling to make their apps support the latest iOS 8 features before the official launch on October 31.

The first app to make the jump is a new apparel design studio named CSUN.

The company was founded by a pair of college roommates, and CEO and co-founder Jia Chen says he and his co-founders saw an opportunity to make a business out of the new iOS 8 feature.

The two graduated from the same engineering school, and they thought they would create a new type of app that would make designers and developers better and more efficient.

“I had always had a love for design and I saw a lot of potential in making an app that was easy to use and had a lot to offer for designers,” Chen said.

“As we were making a lot more apps for iOS, we realized there was a gap between the apps we were creating and the apps designers were building.

There wasn’t a lot out there for them.”

Chen and his friends spent the last year working on their app and it quickly gained traction with designers and programmers alike.

They started by working with developers to create a brand new app that made it easy to make and share designs and animations.

The app quickly made its way into the App Store and the app store is what Chen says helped get them noticed and noticed well.

“It took us a year to get the word out to our team members, and we also had to educate people about the new features,” Chen explained.

“The apps we created were really great, but I really wanted the designers to know they could also make great apps that were easy to integrate into existing applications and share with their users.”

Chen says they are excited to see the app make it to the App Stores.

The iOS 8.0.1 update is already in the works, and Chen hopes to have the first beta available by October 31, although he says it’s still early in the process.

He expects to see apps made in the new feature in the coming months.

“We’re really excited to be able to bring the new app to the Apple App Store, and I’m very excited to work with our partners on the design,” Chen added.

“This is the first app that I’m sure will have a big impact on the fashion world.”

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