Which brand will win Irish fashion crown?

A new fashion contest has been launched in Ireland, in which the best designers are vying for the title of “designer intimate apparel”, and it could see some major fashion shifts.

Read moreA contest is being launched in the country in which designers can submit their designs for consideration by fashion designers from all over the world.

The contest, called Designer Intimate Clothing and presented by the Irish Fashion Awards, has been in development for some time, and was launched in January by the International Fashion Federation, or IFAF.

The IFAF is a group of leading fashion designers and industry figures who aim to create and promote the “future of fashion” in Ireland.

The designers selected by IFAF are then asked to submit their own personal designs, and the IFAF then selects two finalists.

The winner of the competition will be awarded €1m, which can then be used to purchase the designer’s new fashion line.

The judges for the IFAC are also fashion designers, and there is a strong focus on female designers.

Among the entries is designer Claire Brabant, who is currently working with The Irish Sun and The Irish Examiner on their “Women’s Style”, a series of clothing pieces that are inspired by the style of women of Irish descent.

Brabant says that “women of Irish heritage have always had a lot to say about fashion, so it was really exciting to have the IFATF recognise their voices”.

Read moreIt is believed that designers from Ireland have been entering designs into the IFACP for a long time, with the IFF being set up to foster the growth of this fashion industry.

The fashion contest is run by the IFAA, which also operates the IFAG, the International Fashions Association, a group that aims to promote women’s fashion and fashion trends around the world, as well as the IFAPE, the Irish Association for Fashion and the International Association of Professional Faculties.

The competition is being organised by IFAA Ireland and IFAF Ireland.

I contacted IFAA and asked for comment, but was told it could not provide any information regarding the IFACT’s involvement.

I have therefore asked the IFAB Ireland for further comment.

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