CricInfo: Cad apparel designer designs new cad fashion line

Cric info title Cad apparel designers new cad design line to launch in 2018 article Crikey’s Advertiser: Cad unveils new cad apparel line at Milan Fashion Week article New cad fashion range is now available online. 

In Milan Fashion week on Saturday, Criker’s Ad. 

A spokesperson for Cad said the range, which was designed by a designer from Italy, will debut in 2018. 

Cad is a luxury brand owned by French company G54, whose brands include Cad and Cad + L’Oréal. 

“This is a brand that’s been on the radar of many of the fashion industry’s biggest players,” the spokesperson told Criking Cric. 

G54 also owns a number of other luxury brands including L’Oreal, and has been looking at how it could partner with Cad, he added. 

The spokesperson said the new range would launch in two phases, with a launch for 2019 and a release in 2020. 

This is not the first time the Cars brand has used the internet to showcase its range. 

Earlier this year, the brand unveiled a collection of clothing designed by designer Michael Lauda, which included a range of coats, jackets, pants and trainers. 

Lauda is a designer who has worked with other luxury brand brands including Hermes and Burberry. 

For those unaware, Criker has also previously used the web to reveal designs of its own. 

Last year, it unveiled a range for its “New” collection of men’s shoes.

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